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Social Media Marketing for Businesses

A targeted Social Media Marketing strategy by Valet Interactive is an essential way to expand your brand and reputation, connect with more customers and drive revenue. Social media marketing services by Valet Interactive include:

  • Flexible service packages that fit your budget and let you decide how hands-on you'd like to be. Enhance your Full Service Digital Marketing Strategy or use your channel for front-line customer service.
  • Consultation with in-house Social Media experts who know your business, your customers and your market.
  • Multi-channel optimization including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and blogging.
  • Innovative social media solutions like contests, custom promotions and custom tab creation.
  • Comprehensive reporting in your Client Portal such as reporting by channel statistics and deliverables.
  • Training materials for company staff on Social Media best practices for your business.

An effectively managed social presence allows you to engage untapped market share by putting yourself in front of customers who reject traditional websites and seek out new ways to connect with businesses, share their recommendations and make purchasing decisions. Valet Interactive has the expertise to make your business part of the conversation. The most valuable Social Media channels for business include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

Facebook for Your Business
Facebook business pages are vital to a company's online success. Not only can customers interact with brands, a solid Facebook presence helps to create brand awareness. One third of Facebook users will message a brand or company to seek out customer service rather than seeking customer service via traditional means (phone, in person, etc).

Utilize Facebook to:

  • Promote deals and local events
  • Provide customer service support
  • Spread brand awareness
  • Engage with fans
  • Post about relevant tips and other content

Hotel Tweets for Reach
Twitter is a one of the top options to showcase the best features of your company. This social media platform is ideal for interacting with potential customers or thanking past customers for their business. Twitter works as a convenient channel for listening to concerns, questions, or compliments. It's also great for promoting a company event, and it's easy to use with key tools like trending topics and the ability to create hashtag conversations, like #BestMarketing to engage other users.

Use Twitter to:

  • Listen to your audience
  • Create a community for people to talk about local events
  • Post relevant and entertaining trending topics

Show Off Amenities on Instagram
Instagram is a high-maintenance social network, but has some of the best results to display what your brand is all about. While the network relies on a constant stream of new images, Instagram followers tend to be loyal to brands they follow. Influencers (users) often use Instagram to catalog the best parts of their interaction with their businesses. On Instagram, you can:

  • Leverage a young, leisure crowd
  • Highlight the best features of your company, product or service with images
  • Post "Behind the Scenes" photos to add personality to your brand
  • Reach out to mobile users

Inspire & Innovate with Pinterest
Pinterest is another great social network for businesses. It's highly image-based, like Instagram, but you can have a successful Pinterest strategy by using user-generated content to draw customers to your company.

Use Pinterest to:

  • Utilize user-generated content
  • Showcase your product
  • Highlight features of the local area

Brand Posts with Google+
Google+ is an often underrated social media platform that companies can utilize to help with SEO. Responding to reviews and posting on Google+ will help your brand's reputation and can help increase Google search rankings.

Google+ helps you:

  • Increase Google search rankings
  • Respond to reviews
  • Build an audience

We're experts in each network industry and can lead your brand to success. Choose Valet Interactive to maintain your social media accounts to drive your audience and reach.

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