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"The search marketing industry continues to evolve. Let's face it: SEO performance relies on a business solid foundation and adapting regularly to changes in the industry." - Dave Lloyd, Senior Manager of Global Search Marketing at Adobe Systems

Traffic from search represents 60-75% of the traffic on many of our clients' sites. This unpaid organic traffic is generally the best converting (revenue-generating) marketing method. For search engine optimization (SEO) to be effective, it must be an integrated process with web design, development and online marketing efforts. The Valet Interactive SEO strategy is multi-layered and is unique to each client and market. Our efforts leave nothing to be desired as we strive to make your website perform!

The Valet Interactive SEO approach is multi-faceted and brings together a variety of web specialties!

Technical SEO
These efforts ensure sites are as clean, compliant, crawlable, and indexable by search engines as possible. To do that, Valet Interactive actively edits the technical SEO side of sites to keep up with algorithm search changes.

  • Manage URLs and links through use of redirects, canonicals, robots.txt and meta directives
  • Sitemap review and submissions
  • Site optimization for quick site load speeds and browser compatibility
  • Monitor for malware, spam and other security issues
  • Site micro data markup

This is one of the most critical aspects of optimizing a site for SEO, and almost single-handedly for informing and converting site visitors. For that reason, Valet Interactive creates unique, converting content for each of our clients.

  • We target readers (not crawlers) and semantically vary and write in natural language
  • Write to promote the unique aspects of each brand, property and market
  • Optimize for conversion
  • Marked with Schema tags

Keywords Concepts & Meta Data
While syntactically specific keywords were the mainstay of SEO in the past, search engines have evolved to using a semantic approach. Valet Interactive regularly employs a variety of methods to ensure our approach to on-page SEO remains current.

  • We analyze keyword performance based on page-level metrics rather than keyword rankings
  • Conduct keyword research to assess search volume, language, conversion potential, market specifics, and devices
  • Write page titles and meta description that are optimized for both brand and non-brand topics, designed to invoke better click-through rates (CTRs) in the search engine results pages(SERPs) and format to best utilize current SERP designs

Local SEO
Valet Interactive uses many optimization efforts to improve our client’s chances of being seen in SERPs when the searcher has local intent or is being shown location search results.

  • We make sure to schema markup business location information
  • Local business listings including Google, Bing and others &nbspGet a FREE Citation check for your business now
  • Submission to major data aggregators and GPS providers
  • Submission to local and industry specific directories for citation-building
  • Full optimization of a Google Business page
  • Work with clients to build positive online reviews

Competitive Analysis
Monitoring the competitive landscape in search is important for learning what may or may not be working for other similar businesses. Valet Interactive will examine many strategies during a client's annual SEO audit to keep up with current information.

  • Valet Interactive compares key metrics to competitors including domain authority, page authority, internal and external linking, and social engagement to determine market potential
  • Review SERP competition for major semantic keyword topics and identify new on-page and off-page SEO strategies

This is still the most significant ranking factor in SEO and will likely stay that way for some time. However, due to algorithm changes, like Google’s Penguin, building safe links has become much more difficult. Valet Interactive helps clients pursue only highly relevant and quality links from local demand generators, local and industry specific directory submissions and social channels.

Image & Video Optimization
Like other forms of content, images and videos can be optimized for search engines. As we develop your SEO strategy, Valet Interactive employs many optimization efforts for rich media assets.

  • Develop keyword-rich image and video file names and ALT attributes
  • Schema markup
  • Transcripts of audio and video files
  • Image compression and sizing
  • Image and video sitemaps submissions

Mobile SEO - For clients who choose to have a mobile presence, Valet Interactive’s preferred practice is to use responsive design. Alternatively, a separate mobile site can also be optimized using Google’s best practices for mobile. Both approaches involve optimizations that will result in a “Mobile Friendly” tag in Google Search.

International SEO
Some of our clients target an international audience, so they need additional international SEO efforts. Valet Interactive can optimize sites for international search with a variety of methods.

  • Native language and region keyword research
  • Language tags
  • ccTLD
  • Translated content & meta data
  • hreflangrel-alternative tagging
  • Submission of sitemaps to foreign search engines

Other Marketing Efforts
Because the world-wide-web is an integrated ecosystem, almost all online marketing efforts will impact SEO. Valet Interactive takes an integrated approach to digital marketing between channels.

For non-service clients, Valet Interactive also offers an Organic Booster Bundle package to help ensure sites are optimized both on-page and off-site for current search engine best practices and algorithms.

  • Schema markup
  • Google+ verification and optimization
  • Directory & Local listings setup
  • Image optimization
  • 1 additional landing page
  • 1 custom dashboard in Google Analytics
  • One time SEO full-site audit that includes a site technical review, keyword rankings, page-level assessments, back link and competitor analysis, and detailed web analytics

It's clear to see that Valet Interactive leaves no SEO stone unturned in our quest to optimize your website! Speak with our experts today to learn exactly how we can help your business.

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