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SEM for Businesses – Drive Faster Results with Search Engine Marketing by Valet Interactive

Paid marketing (which includes PPC or "Pay-Per-Click" search marketing and social media marketing) is your fast lane to earning greater traffic and revenue from search. Valet Interactive's paid marketing experts know the business inside and out, and we understand how to make your ads get clicked by real, qualified customers who are looking for you and planning to buy, which can help control your spending and maximize your return on advertising spend.

Goal Focused: Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Philosophy

An effective paid marketing campaign starts with one thing: YOUR GOAL. We are "You" focused. Paid search and social media marketing can help you to achieve a number of goals, including branding, increasing awareness of your business, shifting share from your competition or OTA’s and delivering more revenue to your bottom line. Our experts start by understanding your goal and employ a custom strategy to help you meet it.

Understanding How Your Customers Find You

After determining the primary goal of your paid marketing campaign or campaigns (branding, ROI, seasonal/event specific marketing), Valet Interactive’s next step is researching your market and utilizing the most effective way to help your customers find you – knowing how potential customers search, where they are, and who your current customers are.

Performance Based ROI

Every market is different. Knowing this allows Valet Interactive to create customized campaigns for your company and your market. In some markets, branded campaigns are the only way to generate a truly positive ROI due to the market competition and OTAs bidding on the same terms. In other markets, geo-specific terms and targeting are the way to go along with a strong branding campaign. If ROI is your goal, we can meet and even exceed your expectations. Several of our ecommerce client paid marketing campaigns have achieved over 100-1 ROI.

Search Engine Marketing Ads

While researching your market and possible campaigns, our team will craft an account that includes search terms/keywords that are relevant to your business, as well as similar interest and location sites that may want to display your image ads. Setting competitive and efficient bids will ensure that your ads are in the best possible situation to perform at a positive ROI. As more time is invested into the account, we will be able to act upon multiple data, such as time of day/day of week performance, search query performance, and location performance.

Paid Social Media Ads

With social media, businesses are able to craft targeted ads based on user characteristics such as age, location, interests, demographics, and behaviors. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer many levels and options. Our team of experts can create exciting campaigns that not only expose your business to viewers who have never heard of your business before, but also show special ads for past customers and site visitors.

Retargeting Ads

Both SEM and social media offer retargeting ads. These are served to past site visitors who may or may not have completed a certain action on your site (email signup, buying, etc). Specifically designed retargeting landing pages are recommended to highlight an offer. Only potential customers who click on your ad go to these pages, making sure you’re truly marketing to customers who have already given your company a serious look at least once before, and increasing your chances of an online conversion in the process.

Paid Marketing - An Essential Marketing Channel for All Businesses

All businesses need to be where their potential customers are, and no other sites other than search engines or social media can boast hundreds of millions of users. These sites also have a multitude of sites, apps, and other view friendly partners. At Valet Interactive, our SEM and social media professionals can create an account that will collect visits instantly at an efficient rate with positive return. Give us the opportunity to get your company's name in front of unique potential customers today!

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