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Call Tracking Service for Businesses - VoiceTraker™ for Online Call Tracking Service

To get ahead in today's competitive market, you need to know what your customers are asking for. You need to know which marketing campaigns are working and which aren't. And you need to know fast.

Valet Interactive presents VoiceTraker™, effective online call tracking services for businesses.

Why Should I Track Phone Calls?

Despite the increased availability of websites, millions of customer still prefer to contact the company over the phone! If you're not tracking their behavior just as you would an online visitor, then you're losing revenue optimization opportunities.

Call tracking services with VoiceTraker™ offers these powerful advantages:

  • Campaign Comparisons – Call tracking lets you analyze which campaigns, keywords and products are driving real revenue.
  • Clear and Actionable Data – VoiceTraker™ reports are easy to read and allow you to follow your customers through the complete sales cycle.
  • Team Training – Call recording reveals your team's phone etiquette so you can find opportunities to improve customer service and in turn, improve sales rates.
  • Call Center Accountability – If you outsource your contact line, you can review their sales efforts and hold the proper party accountable for sales.

Valet Interactive offers several call tracking service plans based on your needs. To sign up for VoiceTraker™ or to see rates, request a Free Estimate below.

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